Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maybe next time

Well thanks to a very horrible and untimely respiratory infection, plus a little bit of procrastination, I wasn't able to collect enough signatures by myself this time to get my name on the ballot.  I apologize for letting the voters down and not giving them a better choice for representation in Washington.

I may try to run again in 2014 if I get more support, but I would much rather see dozens of more qualified citizens get their names on the ballot instead me feeling like I have to do it because of a lack of morally upstanding alternatives.

I won't pass on any direct support for any other candidate, but I can say vote for anybody EXCEPT Pete Sessions, as he's simply an unethical idiot and at least somebody new hopefully won't be so entrenched in unethical behaviors yet.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Signature Collection

Howdy!  My name is Eric Smith, and I'm running for US Congress, District 32, of the great state of Texas.  I'll be posting updates as I get them, but right now about all I can say is that I am committed to representing the 500,000+ constituents of my district.

I do want everybody to know that I do NOT accept monetary donations or gifts. I will not be bribed, and by accepting even a single dollar or candy bar from you can make me biased in any future decisions I may have to make on your, and your fellow Texan's, behalf.

If you would like to help me collect the 500 signatures I need, by the end of June, please contact me as my 2 legs could use the help!  Even 5 or 10 signatures can save me quite a bit of time.

The current congressional approval rating, at least on this site, is 14%.  So at least 86% of you should be voting for anybody else this election.