My Stance

First and foremost, I want to protect your liberties and freedoms.  It is my duty, as your representative to do just that, and I will not fail in my duty.

Some things I would like have the opportunity to try and push forward if there are no voter concerns at any given moment.

I believe congress should have a 4 term limit.  I also believe no member of congress should ever be able to work for any agency with government contracts, or any company that has a PAC or lobbyist group.  That is simply a conflict of interests, and should not be allowed.

Our patent system is in shambles.  More money was lost in the US in 2010 from frivolous patent lawsuits than from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decade.  To fix this I think all existing software patents should be rendered void, and no future software patents can exist.  Software is basically very complex math, and since you can't patent 1+1=2, you shouldn't be able to patent software formulas or ideas about how software would work.

I also think that patents should not be allowed on anything that is alive, part of something alive, has ever been alive, or ever been part of something alive.  This includes things like DNA and plant seeds.

I think the internet should be open an unrestricted (net neutrality).  We can't let our internet providers charge different amounts of money based on the sites we visit, doing so destroys freedom of information.  Bills like SOPA/PIPA/etc are all horrible, ineffective, and from a technology perspective downright stupid.

Our tax system is pathetic, full of holes, and in no way coherent or understandable.  I don't think taxing income is the way to fix the tax system, it simply doesn't work given our huge income disparity in the country.  Instead, I'd like to propose a very simple tax instead.  This tax would simply be on purchases that aren't necessities (Food, medical, and utilities are necessities).  If you are very poor and can barely afford to put food on the table you pay no additional tax.  If you have 17 cars, 2 houses, and a Yacht, you can bet each of those items costs you in federal taxes.  There would no longer be a tax form or tax time each year, as your expenditures dictate how much you paid to taxes.  There are no exceptions, no loopholes, no complicated anything, just a flat rate for anything that you don't need to survive.  This is only talking about personal taxes, corporate taxes would be more complicated, but still be small and concise with no loopholes.

I don't believe that government bailouts of any industry is acceptable in any way.  It isn't like the government is paying for the car you can't afford, or your house, or helping put food on your table when you can't afford it.  Companies shouldn't get preferential treatment.

I think the Patriot Act and TSA body scanners/searches are downright unacceptable and will do everything I can do nullify these activities.

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