Thursday, April 26, 2012

Signature Collection

Howdy!  My name is Eric Smith, and I'm running for US Congress, District 32, of the great state of Texas.  I'll be posting updates as I get them, but right now about all I can say is that I am committed to representing the 500,000+ constituents of my district.

I do want everybody to know that I do NOT accept monetary donations or gifts. I will not be bribed, and by accepting even a single dollar or candy bar from you can make me biased in any future decisions I may have to make on your, and your fellow Texan's, behalf.

If you would like to help me collect the 500 signatures I need, by the end of June, please contact me as my 2 legs could use the help!  Even 5 or 10 signatures can save me quite a bit of time.

The current congressional approval rating, at least on this site, is 14%.  So at least 86% of you should be voting for anybody else this election.