How can I help

I am only one person, at least right now.  I do NOT accept money from any source, and don't plan on spending much of my own (well under $1000, which will probably all be on a credit card) to run for office.

If you wanted to send me money, I can't accept it.  I can suggest that  you spend that money instead on something that me get elected.  You can purchase signs for your hard, bumper stickers for your car, banners for your windows, or whatever.  Feel free to get these on sites like these

I do however, accept time.  Everybody has 24 hours every day, and if you want to help spread the word.  At your local community events or church gatherings ensure people at least know about me (please don't tell them to vote for me, just to educate themselves on who they want to represent them in Washington).

Right now I could really use some help getting the 500 signatures (more is better) I need in order to get my name on the ballot.  A signature isn't a vote, I just need people who will not vote in the upcoming primary to say they support my name being on a ballot.  If you know of a group of voters within my district that would like to support me, feel free to download the form here, get them to fill it out, and read them the statement in bold before they sign it.  Then you can contact me and I'll swing by and pick it up.

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